we plant the seeds of Peace and seeds of Hope


                                                                      ~ Prof Wangari Maathai

May 20, 2020 We are in the process of revamping our entire site. We ask that you have patience with us while we strive to serve you better. Check back soon to see what we have created. 


The annual tree planting took place May 11th 2020 and looked much different compared to other years.  Government regulations kept us from inviting families and our community volunteers to join us in planting the trees. We planted 130 different species of maples, red oaks and some hickory trees in the McAlpine Forever Forest.

Please know, it was a difficult decision to go ahead without families and community volunteers but we had a very narrow window but we could not wait any longer in the hopes that some of the restrictions might be lifted.  

Us, along with many individuals who purchased trees hope the gesture provides you with some peace and comfort as you navigate life without your "special person". We have flagged all the trees and will return to the site to mulch around them and also some of the existing trees from previous years.  The site is progressing well. We checked the health of the previous year’s plantings, but with the late spring it was too soon to see any new buds. We will be keeping a watchful eye on them. Thanks to the generosity of the Late Phil Arber and Samme Putzel, you are welcome you to visit the site and walk the land at any time. There are beautiful walking trails located to the east side of the tree site and we also have access to the Prescott and Russell Trail to the north. 

It is important to note that this is mostly a deciduous forest and we leave everything where it falls. The only thing we will ever do to the forest is plant trees and add natural wood chipping as mulch.


The original sites that  were started in 2013 along the Prescott Russell Trail are doing very well and those little trees have really started to grow and develop.

If you have any questions we are here to help you at any time. 613 678 2002. 
We would like to thank Sproule Powerline for donating the flags and providing the mulch. We appreciate their generosity.


The McAlpine Forever Forest is located on Concession #1 in Vankleek Hill, ON. Travel east on County Rd #10 and turn right on Concession #1. The site is on the right hand side of the road just befor the Prescott and Russell Recreational Trail. 

Planting a "Tree of Remembrance" is a meaningful expression of caring and love.

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