There is a very special place, where the trees grow,

nurtured by kindness and concern family and friends have shown.





Planting a "Tree of Remembrance" is a meaningful expression of caring and love.  Every spring Hillcrest Funeral Home and their community volunteers work together to plant trees along The Prescott and Russell Recreation Trail in Champlain Township it the McAlpine Forever Forest .

 "Trees of Remembrance"

Since 2013 over 500 Trees of Remembrance have been planted in memory of those we have lost.  You can view all the people who have lovingly had trees planted in their memory .

Photo Courtesy of Barnyard Studio

Photo Courtesy of Barnyard Studio

Where will

the trees be planted?

As you walk along the Prescott and Russell Recreation Trail you will see the planting sites marked with a plaque and a bench. Built on a former railway line, the soft landscape, mainly made from stone dust, is easily accessible to cyclists and walkers. Since 2018 all the "Trees of Remembrance" will now be planted in McAlpine Forever Forest located next to the Prescott and Russel Recreation Trail. Please see our map and Visit our photo gallery to see all the plantings that have been done. 


Purchase a      

   "Tree of Remembrance"

 When you Purchase a Tree of Remembrance a tree will be planted in The McAlpine Forever Forest along the Prescott Russell Recreation Trail located in Champlain Township.


A personalized card and acknowledgment will be sent to you or, on your behalf, to a person or family of your choice.

The name of the person who the tree is being planted for will be permanently listed on the Trees of Remembrance Website  and your name and personal message will also be displayed.

Cost $30  plus HST

Photo Courtesy of Jan Amell Photography

What type of

trees will be


Our forest is a Temperate deciduous forests are most notable because they go through four seasons. Leaves change color in autumn, fall off in the winter, and grow back in the spring; this adaptation allows plants to survive cold winters. The area is allowed to grow freely with no trees ever being cut down.

It's a place of  beauty,

where bright new hopes can start,

planting a tree in memory helps

to heal the aching heart.



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